Partner Compliance

One of the key selling points of BlackBull Markets is that we have a regulated financial services brand, enabling us to provide investors and traders from all across the globe with a safe and secure investment environment. As a New Zealand owned and operated business, we come from one of the safest regions in the world to do business. It is important that the way our brand is used remains in line with the regulatory requirements that we operate within and that all partners are adhering to our brand guidelines.

Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with our guidelines.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Make sure the information is clear and accurate for the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Do not make false promises.
  • Do not make misleading statements.
  • Use relevant disclaimers where necessary.
  • Use our marketing materials and if you have to create your own, please submit them to your account manager for approval.
  • Do not use BlackBull in your domain name.
  • Do not promote BlackBull in restricted territories.
  • For PPC/media buying: Link your ad to your domain, not directly to BlackBull. Do not use the BlackBull brand name or any variation of it in your keywords or in the ad itself (including the display URL).
  • Be prepared to update your campaign when we request it. We perform regular checks and may require further changes following regulatory updates.


Do not bid on the BlackBull Markets brands. Do not use the BlackBull Markets brand names for SEM or PPC marketing in any way; including but not limited to the words “BlackBull” spelt in any possible way (including with typos, spaces, signs, symbols or in any other way). Such forbidden use of the BlackBull Markets brands includes the use of such words/trademarks in advertisements or in any part therewith, in the displayed URL and/or in the destination URL.

Only use your websites for all PPC and/or SEM campaigns. Do not lead or redirect potential clients directly to BlackBull Websites from PPC and/or SEM campaigns. Use the landing page provided by BlackBull on your website only, but in no way use any URL containing the words “BlackBull” directly from your advertisement. Similarly, do not use BlackBull Markets’ top-level domain names as landing pages, landing page URLs or display URLs.


For partners operating email marketing campaigns, there are some additional requirements we need to check to ensure that spam laws are being adhered to. Please get in touch with your account manager with the following information:

• Double opt-in confirmation
• Page or process for a user to opt-in
• Unsubscribe or opt-out confirmation
• From email address and name
• List management system

Domain Ownership

If Whois Data is set to private for your website, we may require you to verify domain ownership. This can be done by providing your account manager with a domain ownership certificate, a screenshot of your domain registrar dashboard with your personal details present, or you can alternatively set up a meta tag in the header section of your website homepage with a unique value we will provide to you.

Restricted Industries

Product suitability is an important part of maintaining a high-quality brand image. As such there are some industries where it doesn’t make sense for our brand to be promoted to potential clients. Some of the industries we do not want our brand to be promoted in include healthcare, gaming and wagering, adult, illicit drugs, firearms, and illegal activities.

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