Multi-Step CPA

BlackBull Partners Multi-Step CPA

BlackBull Partners offers an industry-leading payment structure to reward our valued partners for their hard work on a cost per acquisition for every new client they refer. High performing affiliates will have access to a BlackBull Partners Multi-Step.

Are you looking to boost your affiliate marketing earnings? Qualify today to gain access to Multi-Step CPA to take your business to the next level. By guiding potential customers through a series of steps, from completing a live account application as an ID-verified user to making a qualifying deposit, and qualifying trades, you increase the chances of earning a commission with each conversion without having to worry about natural conversion rate or drop-off rates. This rewards you even if your clients do not fully convert and puts the onus on our sales and marketing teams to engage with and activate new clients. Don’t miss out on potential revenue – get started today.

To qualify for Multi-Step you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Three months minimum with BlackBull Partners
  • Priority brand placement on your channel
  • At least 30 consecutive days of traffic
  • 1,000 new registered leads
  • 100 qualified referrals
  • Written application


Group Qualifications Multi-Step CPA Total CPA
Group A New Approved Client $50 $500
Qualifying Deposit & Trade $450
Group B New Approved Client $37.50 $375
Qualifying Deposit & Trade $337.50
Group C New Approved Client $25 $250
Qualifying Deposit & Trade $225
Group D New Approved Client $12.50 $125
Qualifying Deposit & Trade $112.50
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