Network Integrations

Cost-per-action (CPA) network integrations are a way for companies like BlackBull Partners to work with multiple affiliates in order to promote their products or services. A CPA network acts as an intermediary between BlackBull Partners and the affiliates, handling the tracking and payment of commissions.

There are several CPA networks that specialise in the forex industry. As an example, one of the popular and more reputable ones that BlackBull Partners works with is Commission Junction.

Here’s how CPA network integrations typically work:

  1. A company like BlackBull Partners joins a CPA network and sets up an account with them.
  2. BlackBull Partners creates offers for its products or services and sets the terms for commissions and payments on the CPA network.
  3. The CPA network recruits and approves a network of affiliates to promote BlackBull Partners’ offers.
  4. The affiliates, also known as publishers, promote BlackBull Partners’ offers through their own channels such as websites, social media, or email lists.
  5. When a user completes a specific action, such as signing up for an account, the publishers then earn a commission the same way they would by working directly with BlackBull Partners.
  6. The CPA network tracks the actions and commissions earned using pixel postbacks and handles the payment of commissions to the affiliates on behalf of BlackBull Partners.

CPA network integrations can be a beneficial way to increase reach and sales beyond an in-house referral program, while also providing a way for affiliates to earn commissions without having to set up individual agreements with multiple companies. CPA networks also offer merchants the advantage of tracking and managing all the activity of multiple affiliates in one place.

If you own or operate a network, you can get started on a network integration with BlackBull Partners today by simply reaching out to our team for a chat.

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