Discord Server Admins

BlackBull Partners works with Discord server admins in a variety of different ways.

Through sponsorship deals, BlackBull Markets provides financial or other support to the server in exchange for exposure or promotion to the server’s members. With some servers, we’ve facilitated the sponsorship of a trading competition and with others, we’ve simply provided educational resources for members along with user engagement on a variety of topics related to our business.

Through referral deals, the servers have earned a commission for referrals that are made through affiliate links. Some server admins have a partnership to share the referral link to our platform where the server earns a commission on any trades that are made through that link.

Here are a few ways that Discord server admins can work with BlackBull Partners:

  1. Create a dedicated channel for sponsored content: You can create a dedicated channel where BlackBull Markets can post our sponsored content, such as announcements or promotions. We can assist with auto-generated content through our content marketing systems.
  2. Provide exclusive content: You can partner with BlackBull Partners to provide exclusive content or resources for server members. For example, we may offer educational resources or market analysis for your trading community that is tailored to your niche.
  3. Host sponsored events or competitions: You can host sponsored events or competitions, such as trading contests or educational webinars. BlackBull Partners can provide financial or other support for these events in exchange for exposure or promotion to your server members.
  4. Use affiliate links: You can use affiliate links to generate revenue for the server. This is the simplest option. For example, if you sign up with BlackBull Partner, you can share an affiliate link to our platform, and earn a commission on any trades that are made through that link.
  5. Offer advertising space on the server: You can offer advertising space on the server, such as banner ads or sponsored messages. We can agree on a sponsorship fee to advertise on the server.

If you are a Discord server admin and would like to get started or have any other ideas about how we can collaborate with your members, please get in touch with our friendly team today.

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