Is Regulation Crucial?

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Regulation is Crucial in the Success of Broker Affiliate 

Daily Trading volume in the extensive global forex market is estimated to be trillions. The huge profits from online trading may be seen in the hefty commissions given to brokerage affiliates. This year has been fantastic for broker partners. Everyone is anticipating even better financial achievement in 2023. As a brokerage affiliate, there is instant potential to make substantial commissions. 

Regulated Affiliate Brokers Are Successful 

Online traders face intense competition, and licensed brokerages have a clear long-term edge. However, building relationships and turning visitors to the affiliate site into active traders requires broker oversight. As a brokerage affiliate, your ability to make money is contingent on your capacity to comprehend regulation and raise awareness of the problems among traders.  

Prospective traders should be aware of broker legislation through your content on the site, which should include broker evaluations and trading tutorials. The point is that dealing with unlicensed brokers is nearly always a quick route to financial loss needs to be emphasized as well. As a brokerage partner, your path to large profits involves fostering confidence among traders and connecting them with reputable, licensed brokers. 

You can take advantage of five important variables to develop high conversion and effective marketing initiatives. Broker regulation becomes first on the list. High commissions are available to broker affiliates that aggressively promote broker regulation. 

  1. Trading platforms  
  1. Broker regulation  
  1. Trading charts and tools  
  1. Fees and spreads  
  1. Asset index  

All five of these elements are crucial for traffic conversion. However, the other four components can be aggressively promoted once you achieve the initial engagement and trust that brokerage regulation generates. 

Who is a Regulated Broker? 

When a broker is regulated, it implies that the platform conforms with the numerous standards a regulating agency or authority sets. These standards guarantee safe investing and excellent customer support. This regulating agency frequently analyzes the broker’s activities to verify that they’re all carried out in accordance with its regulations and rules. If any broker’s activities fail to meet these standards, the regulatory authority may initiate legal proceedings (including suspending the broker’s license). 

Advantages of dealing with a regulated brokerage  

Openness and transparency: Regulated brokers perform their trading activities with complete transparency because of ongoing oversight and routine auditing from a regulatory agency. The broker cannot take advantage of the markets to their detriment. 

Security: There is no possibility that the brokerage will use your funds to pay for their demands because the customer’s money is kept entirely separate from the broker’s finances. In addition, if the brokerage declares bankruptcy, you may file a lawsuit to recover part of your funds rather than having them distributed to the brokerage’s creditors. 

Protection: These brokers take great precautions to safeguard their brand reputation; as a result, they refrain from engaging in fraudulent activities and other unethical actions such as market manipulation, tampering with the trading system, and illegitimately withholding customer funds. 

Precautions: In order to keep you from losing funds, these brokers continually warn you, their customers, about get-rich-quick sales tactics, risky, highly leveraged trades, and other dangers. 

Customer support: In addition to attracting and keeping customers, providing excellent customer service significantly enhances the broker’s standing in the market. 

Credibility – By working with a licensed brokerage, you may relax, realizing that this business is reputable, has attained all required specifications, received a permit from a reputable body, and will abide by all rules and specifications. 

By working with a reputable, licensed broker, you can: 

  • Project good reputation to clients 
  • Convince referrals/clients to stay with your affiliate broker for the long term to ensure more commission earnings for you 
  • Expand client base as referrals will be satisfied and happy
  • Get referrals to sign up quickly 
  • Confidently depending on affiliate earnings, something you cannot do with fly-by-night and dishonest brokers. 
  • Get peace of mind since the brokerage you deal with is regulated by a recognized authority. 
  • Be certain that the funds of the clients you refer will be secure in the event of a black swan or fraud event and the broker ceases operations. 

Risk and problems associated with unregulated brokerages  

Usually, daily trading volume on Forex markets exceeds $5 trillion since this is the most liquid market globally and among the most opportunity-filled and accessible markets. Surprisingly, Forex trading might be a viper’s nest or golden goose for a broker affiliate partner. As a result, picking a regulated brokerage is the most crucial step when foraying into this sector. You want to ensure your client’s investments are secure, which implies you should partner with a broker that conducts regular audits, submits accounts on time and follows stringent criteria to remain licensed.   

Dealing with an unregulated broker is a risk you must not take. An unregulated broker acts as they wish and do not follow the rules. Such kinds of brokers want to avoid licensing to save cost, limit tax obligations and are willing to take advantage of unsuspecting investors. Therefore they pose a huge risk to traders in terms of the following: 

  • Mistreatment, financial losses and fraud 
  • Investment loss if the broker goes under  
  • Unsafe standards in terms of handling financial and personal information  
  • Exposure to trading practices that don’t follow quality control standards  
  • Potential bankruptcy that will expose the client’s investments 
  • Dealing with non-transparent and unscrupulous brokers that are not regulated  

If you want to deal with an accredited broker, pick BlackBull Markets, licensed by FMA in New Zealand and operates the best Codes of Compliance to ensure Accredited Members offer advice, services and employment to the highest level of ethical and professional standards. Therefore picking BlackBull Markets as your affiliate partner ensures: 

  • Independently verified, low-risk supply network partners 
  • Proving the highest industry-wide compliance requirements 
  • Complete disclosure to HMRC 
  • Track record of delivering high-quality assistance and services 
  • Having access to the finest consultants and specialists in the field

By offering a trustworthy, user-focused marketplace founded on the most cutting-edge technologies and governed on five continents, BlackBull Markets has established a status as an industry leader in online forex trading. There are presently over 100,000 registered dealers using it worldwide. You can feel secure knowing that as a BlackBull Markets client, you have the options, assistance, and safety you require. 

Attaining broker affiliates success  

You can succeed as a broker affiliate by collaborating via BlackBull Markets’ affiliate program, BlackBull Partners. In addition, your work as an affiliate will become much simpler and more profitable due to BlackBull Markets’ stellar reputation as a strictly regulated online broker, especially over the long term. 

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