API Postbacks

API (Application Programming Interface) postbacks and pixel postbacks, also known as server-to-server postbacks, are a method used in affiliate marketing to track conversions and attribute them to the correct affiliate. They work by using a server-to-server connection, which allows the advertiser’s website to communicate directly with the affiliate network’s server, passing along information about conversions in real-time.

When a user completes a conversion on the advertiser’s website, the advertiser’s server sends a postback to the affiliate network, passing along information such as the affiliate’s ID, the conversion amount, and any other relevant data. The affiliate network then attributes the conversion to the correct affiliate and updates its statistics accordingly.

API postbacks have several advantages over other methods of tracking conversions, such as link redirects or pixel postbacks. They are less susceptible to fraud since the user does not have to click on a link for the conversion to be tracked, and they offer real-time tracking, this means that the affiliate can track the conversion immediately, and the advertiser can also have the data in real-time. Additionally, API postbacks can provide more detailed information about the conversion, such as the user’s IP address and the specific product that was purchased.

Postbacks are a useful tool for affiliate marketers, as they allow accurate tracking of conversions and ensure that affiliates are properly credited for their efforts. It’s important to note that postbacks require technical knowledge to implement, as they involve setting up a server-to-server connection and coding the postback system.

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